Israel Leadership – FAQS

Leadership camp 2015- FAQ


What are the dates of the camp?

Coed camp- Israel leadership camp:

July 7- August 10, 2015, 5 weeks, Tuesday to Monday

Girls’ camp- Israel leadership camp:

July 1- July 28, 2015, 5 weeks, Wednesday to Tuesday


Who is eligible to apply to the camp?

Students entering grades 10 to 12 on September 2015


Why choose Israel leadership camp?

Our camp is unique and there is no other camp like ours, we combine getting know Israel with

unforgettable experience for preparing the camper to be a leader, through meeting with

influential Israeli dignitaries from the Foreign Ministry, Jerusalem Post Newspaper, The voice of

Israel Radio Station, Stand With Us and Tazpit News Agency.

Who will be the staff?

Israel Connection understands the importance of professional counselors on the trip. The Israeli staff includes a camp leader, tour guides and counselors.

The Israeli staff on the trip has variety experience working with American youth.


What’s included in the cost of the program?

The cost of the program includes international roundtrip airfare from US to and from Israel,

accommodations, meals, entrance to sites, transportations, basic medical coverage while traveling.

Please note: Passport fees, tips for bus driver, guide and medic, travel insurance and individual spending money are not included.


As a parent, who do I contact during the trip if there is a concern?

Israel Connection’s Israel staff and the tour guide will be the contact for

any questions or concerns during the trip.

Parents will be provided with contact names and phone numbers for the group. You can also contact the staff at our office in Los Angeles at any time


How many staff members will be in the camp?

There will be one staff member on each 13 campers, include counselors, tour guide and the camp leader (the head of the camp). Armed guards will be added according to situation room service.


What is the policy about flying to New York from home?

Every camper can choose which airline company to fly with to New York after we will send you the confirmed international flights information.


Will friends be able to share a room during the camp?

Israel Connection’s staff will do their best to put together friends during the camp.


What about visiting family in Israel during the camp?

During the camp, there will be one optional Shabbat for campers to visit the family or friends in Israel.


How is laundry handled?

Laundry is done approximately every 10-14 days.

A laundry service picks up dirty laundry and returns it clean in a day or two.

Each camper should bring a laundry bag that will identify his or her clothing.


What type of luggage is recommended?

Bring only one main piece of luggage.

Usually a duffle on wheels with a handle is best.

Campers should also pack a soft gym bag or tote bag as well; it is referred to as a “3-day bag”.


What are the accommodations and transportation?

Israel Connection’s Israel trips stay at modern youth hostels, dormitories, hotels and a one night ODT camping.

These accommodations are well suited for travel in Israel and have both dining halls

and recreation facilities. In most locations, campers will share rooms with 3-5

other participants. A private, modern, air-conditioned bus is used for travel.


For any further questions, please contact Israel Connection

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