Israel’s Story in Videos

We gathered a list of videos for you that will show Israel – the problems and the successes, the dilemmas and the way Israel deals with them.

Step Up For Israel Mini Course Promo

Now for some of the politics around Israel

The Middle East Problem

10 Misconceptions that reveal the truth

The mini course is so impotent based on the next video

Israel IQ at UCLA – With Mark Schiff

After the shock of the ignorance lets see what Israel is all about

Jerusalem: 4000 Years in 5 Minutes

Mother of Murdered Israeli Teen: A Rosh Hashanah Message

Created in Israel – Part of your life

Made in Israel – Technology

What Israel up against?

“Hamas” by Ari lesser

What do experienced military commandeers have to say about the Israeli army during war time?

The Gaza War in 5 Minutes: Thoughts from Col. Richard Kemp

Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey: “Israel Went to Extraordinary Lengths” to Limit Civilian Casualties

What does Brigitte Gabriel have to say about all of this?

Brigitte Gabriel, is an American journalist, author, social commentator, and activist. Gabriel says that Islam keeps countries backward, and that it teaches terrorism.

Brigitte Gabriel’s speech at the UN

Brigitte Gabriel answers a Muslim student question about the peace – loving Muslim majority

IMAGINE – The Israeli version

So now that You have an idea of what goes on in Israel will you…

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To sum it all up do you pass the Israel Test?