The show is on the road- FIND YOUR CONNECTION TO ISRAEL program

Time goes so fast and we already at the end of our 3rd week in the US!
We had an awesome experience in TEXAS!  Our first school Was in Houston and we had the privilege to stay and hear about there experience in Israel.!

The Second Schools were in Dallas –  we were part of an Israel day they had with us and with Friends of IDF
as we say in all schools ACTIVATE YOURSELF!


After a Awesome week in California and its special schools!  We had such a good time & it was amazing to see so many students that care & love Israel!  The icing on the cake was when a sweet student from YULA came up to me in the street to say how much she enjoyed our presentation !!  Here are some more exciting letters we received: “The students and I had an evaluation today and they said that unlike many other presentations it was interesting, involved the kids and was relevant”  Milken Community Schools  “The students responded so well to her  interactive lecture and her fun and outgoing personality had them all laughing and participating”. YULA High School,LA

Looking forward to continue – Florida, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, New York, New Jersey and Baltimore – HERE WE COME!



Today I had the honor to come to our first  School: Vancouver Hebrew Academy.
It was a pleasure to meet the Wonderful students and learn with them together about Israel! It was a lot of fun!!