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Connecting you to Israel

For more information to help you connect to Israel find websites and videos.

Our goals

  • Deepen connections between Diaspora Jewry and the State of Israel.
  • Create a community of Israel Advocacy Ambassadors around the world.
  • Create an online network to serve these activists and provide them updated resources for information and advocacy.
  • Presentation of different paths to stay connected to Israel.

Program Description

We run a 45 minute activity which will both engage and challenge your students. The activity will include:

  1. We will employ a broad range of methodologies adapted to the participants’ age and other factors including games, discussion, values-clarification exercises that will address question- Why is advocacy for Israel important?
  2. Video presentation- the short video will address issues of security, military, politics and will also focus on other elements of Israel such as the beauty of the land and the historical richness of the country.
  3. What can we do? At the end of the activity the students will have the opportunity to engage in concrete acts of advocacy by writing letters in defense of Israel. In this way we hope to move students from learning to doing and inspire them to further action in the future. We will also present different options of actions that can be done in the future.

Target Audience: 7th-12th grade

Opportunities for follow up
We hope that this activity will simply be a first step for students. We will present participants and schools with a range of different opportunities for continued involvement including joining our online community and participating in an advocacy trip to Israel.

What now?

Contact us to secure a booking on your preferred date.

Eli and Netania Haber


Netania and Eli were recently married. They live in Jerusalem and are both passionate about Israel and education.

Netania made Aliyah from South Africa with her family as a young child. She has many years of experience guiding and coordinating trips for students, adults and families from all over the world. She has worked for Masa, World Bnei Akiva and the Jewish Agency.
Eli is a true “sabra” born in Israel. He currently serves in the Israeli army reserves, Golani Brigade and was in action during the recent operation “Protective Edge.” Eli is a social activist and is currently working to establish Beit Asaaf, a residential nature center for youth-at-risk.
Netania and Eli are excited about coming to the United States to share their stories and to bring this advocacy program to 20 schools in the USA.

Download the program brochure Connecting you to Israel

For more information to help you connect to Israel find websites and videos.

*The program is done in cooperation with Stand With Us.