Achieve an unforgettable bar/bat mitzvah journey strategy, without the fear of a poorly planned or expensive experience due to lack of expertise

In this concise guide to planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel, we’ll show you how busy parents like you lay the foundations for an exciting and unforgettable Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip that will create an amazing bonding experience, as well as fostering connections to Israel while emphasizing Jewish values, all tailored to meet your dear family’s needs!

Proven Effectiveness:

The process described in this guide has already helped hundreds of lovely families like yours to create a unique, exciting, and precise family journey, satisfying the full potential of such a special expedition.

Our family has worked with Debbie, Aryeh and the team at MyIsraelConnection for both of our boys’ Bar Mitzvah trips/tours to Israel. Debbie and Aryeh were extremely helpful in planning the trips (from the beginning) and for ensuring every single detail met our family’s needs and wants. Once in Israel, Aryeh took great care of us and quickly became part of our family as we toured Israel from top to bottom. Working with them made our family trips to Israel that much more easier, enjoyable and memorable. We highly recommend working with them to anyone looking at visiting Israel
Paul G.
We went on a post Bar-Mitzvah tour of Israel with my family. The team at My Israel Connection was amazing! Linda worked with us to customize an itinerary that best suited our family, provided suggestions of activities, and was able to customize our trip so we could see family while we were there. Our tour guide Eli was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. His energy was great and the kids loved the experience from learning about different parts of Israel to rocking out in the van with Rafi driving. Eli was very quick to pick up on the different family interests as we remarked on different aspects of things we saw and offered to modify our tour a little to include things that we brought up through general conversation. Eli and Rafi were on time, kept us safe, and exposed us to unique experiences that we didn't expect. I would definitely recommend Eli as well as My Israel Connection to friends and family and will use them again on future trips. Thanks for making a memorable trip!
Michael Z.
I had the most wonderful week with Eli. His expert knowledge and charismatic and fun personality made the week both interesting and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to explore israel in a memorable way. It was also a great pleasure to meet Linda and Mickey who were both extremely warm and inviting and explained the process easily and clearly. The whole team at my Israel connection were wonderful at customising the trip to suit my personal interests and they were extremely accomodating and respectful of my requests. I would highly recommend. Thanks for a wonderful week in Israel. I definitely couldn’t have made the trip as special if I came alone. 🙂

Is it so complicated to create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip?

We see it on a daily basis and it is hard to witness that 95% of the families encounter the same mistakes

Why are we giving away this valuable information about planning the perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah family trip to Israel?

Israel Connection Tours, tour operators, have 20 years of experience helping Jewish families with deeply rooted values. 

These families dedicate their resources and time to celebrate the significant event of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah with sky-high expectations and a strong desire for a meaningful experience, connecting to Jewish values and the land of Israel.

Unfortunately, most of these beautiful families succumb to common mistakes and in the best-case scenario, conclude with a sense of unfulfillment. In extreme cases, some even abandon the trip midway, left with a vacation devoid of significance and profound disappointment.

In order to avoid such situations, we’ve devised the “Laser Focus Guide”. This enables even inexperienced families to embark on their significant journey with a well-defined and effective strategy, ensuring the focus remains on an unforgettable travel experience that fosters family bonds and a meaningful connection to the values of Judaism and the Land of Israel.

Preserving and cultivating the traditional approach to Bar/Bat Mitzvah family trips in Israel enables us to strengthen the ties of the Jewish community to their values, deepen their connection to the land of Israel, and offer Bar/Bat Mitzvah travel experiences infused with emotion and roots. This unique connection is not attainable in any lavish tourist setting outside of Israel.

What is this Laser Focus Guide?

The Laser Focus Guide is a comprehensive document that encompasses a set of essential questions and a clear roadmap to help you formulate the perfect strategy for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah journey. Our approach prioritizes the satisfaction and meaningful experience of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrant along with all family members. This guide ensures that subsequent stages of trip planning align with the ultimate goal: achieving a dreamlike fulfillment that resonates for years to come. It is the basic creation of a powerful experience that will be remembered, inspiring future generations, as your children, too, may seek to replicate such a meaningful journey with their children in the future.

The “Laser Focus Guide” represents the culmination of decades of experience and insights gained from trips, events, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies involving Jewish families in Israel. It is an invaluable resource.

The Laser-Focused Guide has already saved countless hours, headaches, and frustrations for thousands of families who have been guided by us over the years, not to mention the thousands of dollars saved by these families through the precise foundation provided for their trip planning. Despite the immeasurable value of the guide, we offer it for a one-time payment of only $150.

 In light of the current circumstances and with the desire to strengthen the connection and ties with Israel, as well as to support the Israeli economy, we understand that any travel plans you choose to implement within the next year or more will have a significant impact. In response to this, we are waiving the fee for a limited time and offering the guide completely free of charge.

There’s More…

Ordering the guide comes with the following bonuses:

So what will you receive ?

The Laser Focused Guide to the perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah
family journey crafted specifically to your family needs and wants
but usually sold for $150
Bonus #1 A one-on-one instructional conversation with our senior
and veteran tour operators, which will enable you to derive 100% benefit out of the
Laser Focus Guide
Bonus #2 A one-hour conversation to review the journey strategy
you’ve built for your family.
The special element of surprise for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrant.

In total, all the services and bonuses amount to a value of $350,  
but for a limited time only

They will be provided to you at no cost!

March 2023 was our family's first trip to Israel. We were warmly greeted at the airport by Linda and staff as if we were family! The details of the group's itinerary was seamlessly woven together fitting our interests nicely. Our tour guide, Mickey provided tremendous cultural, historical and archeological insight. He is an irreplaceable wealth of knowledge. Our bus driver, Dakar was instrumental in getting us safely to and from our destinations. Both of these gentlemen run like well oiled machines! Not a day goes by that I do not think of my time spent in Israel. Thank you My Israel Connection for helping make this a trip of a lifetime.
Roxanne Molina
WONDERFUL TOUR GUIDE Mickey Bar Neder is a fantastic tour guide! 32 of us were in good hands with Mickey! March 2023! Toda roba Linda and my Israel connection team!
Giatry B.
This year's trip was particularly well put together and executed. I particularly appreciated the personal touch of ICT team members taking time out to visit with the group as we traveled through God's land. This goes a very long way. Thank you!
Roger Diaz

Why are we willing to expose our secrets and know-how after so many years?

We are happy to unveil our most deeply embedded and successful process developed over the years. We understand that our mission is to assist Jewish families in connecting to the people, heritage, and the land of Israel with a quality that is not subject to compromise. Whether we contribute to the construction of the experience or not (especially in such a delicate and crucial period where we witness attempts by adversaries to delegitimize our presence, ideology, and the legitimacy of our natural and historical presence in the land of Israel), our commitment remains steadfast.

Questions & Answeres

Since it’s not personalized and often not flexible, pre-planning usually suits only one or two family members, inevitably leading to missing out on the full family bonding experience.

Absolutely! That’s why we’re distributing the guide – so that you can have a strategy for the family journey from the start and a precise vision where you prioritize what truly matters.

Firstly, we believe that for any family trip lasting three or more days, a clear strategy should be planned. Unplanned family time can become a minefield of conflicts among family members, affecting the overall mood of the trip and potentially altering plans fundamentally. Beyond that, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip holds much deeper implications and has profound effects on our children’s perception of their connection to Judaism, their bond with the land of Israel, and the positive experience derived from each family member’s personal and spiritual journey. It’s also an opportunity for a cohesive family experience.

That’s certainly possible, but consider that a pre-packaged tour plan is typically designed for a general travel site and not specifically tailored. Before focusing on the itinerary, other aspects need to be customized to the primary constraint, which is the schedule and the travel locations. In constructing a strategy based on the family’s identity, we initiate the planning on a blank slate, with the family members themselves guiding the structure of the trip. It’s remarkable how well the travel plan aligns when family members are the central and crucial axis, as you can see in the guide.

The Free “Laser Focus Guide” offer is limited!!

In order to provide the full value of the guide, including bonuses, and to offer a quality response to the best of our ability, given the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive, we are limiting the complimentary guide. This special offer is for the first 50 applicants only!