Solidarity Trip to Israel

Stand with Israel: A Journey of Solidarity and Connection

Make an Unforgettable Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Ceremony in Israel

Embark on a profound journey of compassion and support as we extend an invitation to join our solidarity and volunteer trip to Israel, dedicated to aiding terror victims, soldiers, and their resilient families.

This transformative experience goes beyond traditional travel, offering participants an opportunity to make a tangible impact on lives affected by conflict. Through volunteering initiatives, heartfelt interactions, and acts of kindness, we aim to contribute to the healing process, standing side by side with those who have endured the impact of terror.

This trip serves as a bridge of understanding and empathy, fostering connections between volunteers and the brave individuals who defend and rebuild their communities.

Together, let us embody the spirit of solidarity and service, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those who have faced adversity with unwavering strength.


We can’t wait to help you put together a Solidarity trip to Israel.

This 4-day itinerary is meticulously designed to balance volunteerism, cultural immersion, and reflection, ensuring a holistic and impactful experience that leaves a positive mark on the lives of those you encounter in Israel.

You will meet with evacuees, families that have been removed from their homes from the north and south of Israel. See the Nova Memorial, BBQ for soldiers on a base, visit Hostage Square and more. You will travel from the center of Israel to Jerusaelm to the south.


Send us your details and we will build the perfect experience for your upcoming Simcha


Paul G.
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“Our family has worked with Debbie, Aryeh and the team at MyIsraelConnection for both of our boys’ Bar Mitzvah trips/tours to Israel. Debbie and Aryeh were extremely helpful in planning the trips (from the beginning) and for ensuring every single detail met our family’s needs and wants. Once in Israel, Aryeh took great care of us and quickly became part of our family as we toured Israel from top to bottom. Working with them made our family trips to Israel that much more easier, enjoyable and memorable. We highly recommend working with them to anyone looking at visiting Israel.”
Michael Z.
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We went on a post Bar-Mitzvah tour of Israel with my family. The team at My Israel Connection was amazing! Linda worked with us to customize an itinerary that best suited our family, provided suggestions of activities, and was able to customize our trip so we could see family while we were there. Our tour guide Eli was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. His energy was great and the kids loved the experience from learning about different parts of Israel to rocking out in the van with Rafi driving. Eli was very quick to pick up on the different family interests as we remarked on different aspects of things we saw and offered to modify our tour a little to include things that we brought up through general conversation. Eli and Rafi were on time, kept us safe, and exposed us to unique experiences that we didn't expect. I would definitely recommend Eli as well as My Israel Connection to friends and family and will use them again on future trips. Thanks for making a memorable trip!
Shuly L.
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"We enjoyed the trip immensely. The driver Mohammad was very good better than the replacement for 2 days. Margolit was very informative and helpful. My only criticism is the jeep ride was not really a jeep ride but a very old broken down car. The VIP service was excellent coming into Israel and made everything go seamlessly. The trip was amazing and memorable for us all."