Neshei Aish Chizuk: Advanced Learning Mission, 17 – 23 November, 2015

Join us and a dynamic group of ladies for a week of learning, living and experiencing Jerusalem at its finest.  Attend classes at the Aish World Center, steps away from the Kotel. Learn with the finest teachers the Torah world has to offer! For tentative schedule, click here.

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$1800 per person* + airfare
Add an additional $460 for single room occupancy.
Payable by Check, PayPal or Credit Card

*All prices are based on double room occupancy and for a minimum of 20 participants.  For 15-19 participants an additional $200 will be due by September 28, 2015.

For additional information, please contact Dina Coopersmith:


Tentative Schedule

Dates: 17—23 November, 2015

Date & Time Activity Speaker
Tuesday, Nov. 17th
7:00am Arrive @ Ben-Gurion airport
9:00am Bus departs to Old City
10:00am Aish World Center / Western Wall experience
10:45am Welcome —Connecting to Hashem in a fast-paced world R. Eric Coopersmith
12:00pm “What do We Want Most in Life?” Rabbi Eitiel Goldvicht
1:00pm Lunch @ Aish World Center
2:00pm Getting to Know You Dini Coopersmith
3:45 Seeing Hashem in the Picture R. Nosson Weisz
5:00pm Return to Prima Kings Hotel- Check in
Free for dinner
Wednesday, Nov. 18th
7:00 — 9:00am Breakfast
9:00am Check out of hotel, put bags in storage, small bag on bus
9:30am Bus departs to Old City
10:15am The Power of Prayer R. Nosson Weisz
11:30am What is Our Role in the End of Days? R. Motty Berger
Bus departs to Dead Sea
2:30pm Check in — Herod’s Dead Sea hotel
3:30-5:30 Spa treatments (pre-book through Israel Connection) – (optional)
6:45pm Dinner @ Café Café
8:00pm Everything you Wanted to Know about Intimacy (but were afraid to ask:) Meira Svirsky
9:00pm optional The Art of Intimacy 2 Meira Svirsky
9:00pm —12:00am Private Spa @ hotel
Thursday, Nov. 19th
7:00 — 9:30am 8-9 (optional pilates) Breakfast and check out
9:30am Break out session: Raising Teens in a confusing world Zumba! Meira Svirsky Miriam Grosz
10:30am “The ABC’s of Emunah” part 1 Mrs. Dini Coopersmith
11:30am Check out of hotel, put bags on bus
12:30pm Lunch @ Café Café
1:45pm Travel to Jerusalem
4:00pm Arrive @ Aish World Center — Mincha / visit the Kotel
5:00pm The Sword of Yishmael- A Message for our Times @ Aish World Center Mrs. Rena Tarshish
6:15pm Return to Prima Kings Hotel / check in
Free evening
Friday, Nov. 20th
6:30am Early Breakfast available
8:30am Bus departs to Kever Rachel (accompanied by an armed guard) RebbetzinTziporah Heller
10:45am “In the Footsteps of Our Matriarchs” @ Prima Kings Hotel Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller
12:00am Break for lunch and prep for Shabbat
3:45pm Walk / Ride to Rova
4:15pm Candle-lighting
Davening @ Kotel
6:30pm Dinner @ Aish World Center
8:30pm “Keeping the Spark in Marriage” @ Aish Jamie & Ilana Cowland
10:00pm Return to hotel
Shabbos, Nov. 21st
7:00am Breakfast
Davening Options: Kotel, Great Synagogue or Prima Kings Hotel
10:00am Kiddush/ 2nd Seuda
11:30am “The Power of Shabbat” Ilana Cowland
12:30pm The ABC’s of Emunah – Part 2 Mrs. Dina Coopersmith
1:30pm Lunch/ 3rd Seuda @ Prima Kings Hotel
2:45 — 3:45pm 4:00 Optional “Secrets of a peaceful home” Walking Tour of Old City with guide and mincha at the Kotel   Ilana Cowland
5:28pm Havdala
6:30pm Zumba! (optional)
8:00pm Finding the Silver Lining in Cloudy Times @ Kings hotel Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi
Sunday, Nov. 22nd
7:00am Breakfast
9:00am Walk / Ride to Old City
9:45am                                        Free Will: Do I Have a Choice? R. Moshe Zeldman
11:00am How can I Really make a Difference? R. Nechemia Coopersmith
12:30pm Lunch @ Aish World Center
2:00pm Successfully Riding the Ups and Downs of Life Mrs. Chava Koenig
3:00pm Fate, Mazal, G-d’s Decrees and I Mrs. Shira Smiles
4:00pm Break for refreshments/ visit the Kotel
5:00pm Living with Clarity and Happiness R. Yom Tov Glaser
Free Evening
Monday, Nov. 23rd
7:00 — 8:45am Breakfast
8:45am Living with Serenity in Turbulent Times @ hotel Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker
10:00am Check out of hotel, pack bus and leave to Old City
11:00am Self Esteem, Modesty and Dignity Mrs. Chana Kalsmith
12:00pm Tunnel Tour
1:30pm Free time for lunch & personal shopping at Mamilla and the Rova
4:00pm Taking Hashem Home Rabbi Moshe Zeldman
5:00pm Leave to Picolino restaurant for Final Banquet Dinner Reflections, Evaluations
8:00pm Bus departs to airport – L’hitraot!