Group Itinerary

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Date Day Activities Overnight Week
5-Jul Sunday Arrive – evening
Opening ceremony on beach or other location
Check in at hostel
Ruth Daniel Residence 1
6-Jul Monday Kum L’hitalech b’Aretz
Zichron Yaakov (Nili Museum)
Druze hospitality lunch
Shlomi YH 1
7-Jul Tuesday Getting to know the land through our Feet
Hike – Nachal Kziv/Montfort
UJIA site visit and introduction
Shlomi YH 1
8-Jul Wednesday UJIA day – Including volunteering element
ODT – overnight camping
Camping 1
9-Jul Thursday Water and Borders
Golan Heights Hike Jilaboon
Har Bental
Border security tour (Maayan Baruch)
Kinneret disco boat
Karei Deshe/Poriya YH 1
10-Jul Friday Rabbis and Mystics Tzfat Talk from Kabbalistic artist
Har Merom or Nachal Amud hike
Shabbat dinner and oneg
Karei Deshe/Poriya YH 1
11-Jul Shabbat Shabbat program
Motzei Shabbat Eve in Tiberias
Karei Deshe/Poriya YH 1
12-Jul Sunday Site and Text Kinneret Cemetery                                         Har Gilboa                                                                          Neot Kedumim – shepherding Ruth Daniel Residence 2
13-Jul Monday Dialogue in the Dark
Tel Be’er Sheva
Hatzerim airforce museum
Kibbutz Mashabei Sade hospiality 2
14-Jul Tuesday Environment Seminar (Jewish eco-seminars)
Environment, Judaism and Israel Including hike,          Jewish texts, and hands on activity.                               Camel riding Bedouin Tent Experience                           Night trip Star gazing
Kibbutz Mashabei Sade hospiality 2
15-Jul Wednesday Desert Dilemmas
Dawn climb up Masada
Dead Sea
Ein Gedi hike
Mitzpe Ramon YH 2
16-Jul Thursday Leaders and Visionaries
Ein Avdat hike – text study – Moses as a leader
Sde Boker – Hut and tomb of Ben Gurion – leadership dilemmas activity
Rappelling at the Machtesh
Mitzpe Ramon YH 2
17-Jul Friday Desert Adventure
Hike in the machtesh, Hitbodadut activity, Coloured sands
Prepare for Shabbat
Shabbat dinner