Lagitt Girls Have to Say

All logistics  and toure plans for the Lagitt program in Israel are managed by Israel Connection.

I’ve been to Israel so many times before and each time was beautiful but this summer made me see Israel in a whole new light. It made me realize how each place we went wasn’t just a place with a breathtaking view; it had a story behind it. OUR ancestors walked on the same stones we were walking on. All the stories we learned in school about our forefathers came to life for me by seeing the holy places where those stories actually happened. My connection to Hashem grew tremendously. It was the greatest feeling being able to be on the land He promised us and praying to Him in the places closest to Him. It made me yearn for Mashiach to come even more, because I had an understanding of how beautiful it is to live in Israel and how peaceful life was before the Churbun [Destruction of the Temple in 70ce]. Aside from the spiritual part, all the activities are the funnest! From cruising, tubing, and kayaking to zip-lining and amazing hikes. I had the best time!!