“Israel leadership camp” is a Modern Orthodox camp which adheres to the observance of Halacha (Jewish Law) in accordance with Modern Orthodox practice. We understand that there are varying degrees of ways people practice Judaism in their homes and personal lives, but we expect a traditional level of Orthodox observance by our campers when they are at camp.

Some of the items to make note of:

Tefillah (Prayer):

Tefillah is done three times a day based on the traditional practice. Each camper should bring his or her own siddur (prayer book).

Dress code:

We ask that our campers adhere to the practices of dressing modestly. This goes for both boys and girls equally. Our dress code reflects our religious values and will be strictly enforced on those grounds.


We are a strictly Kosher camp. All the food your children will be eating at camp will be under the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

These are just a few things that we want to highlight about religious observance at camp. There are a lot of behaviors and activities that we would consider within the realm of Orthodox Jewish practice. It is our expectation that everyone follow the guidelines, which we will go over in detail with the campers upon their arrival.

Our mission is to bring the joy of Jewish life in a fun and invigorating way that instills a love of Judaism in each of our campers hearts. Through these few weeks of an immersive experience, our campers will come home passionate about their religious observance and proud of who they are as individuals within their community.