Shalva Band Tour CANADA, USA, MEXICO & UK

Engaging students through music

A captivating performance that shatters stereotypes, inspiring young audiences to rediscover themselves. Bring one of Israel’s most unique musical ensembles to your community.

Shalva Band 2017 Tour

The band is embarking on a month long trip and will be crisscrossing the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. They will be performing in front of thousands at the Shalva dinners in Toronto, New York City, Mexico City and London. In addition, they will be appearing at schools, JCCs and other venues. They would love to perform at your school or in your community.

This tour, a hard-earned dream come true for the Shalva Band members, is being organized by Shalva’s head office in Jerusalem in coordination with the local offices in Canada, the USA, Mexico and the UK. The band will be travelling with six staff members and volunteers including the band director, music therapist and a paramedic-audio visual specialist and utmost care is being taken to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of all band members before, during and after the trip.

Want the band to perform at your school but these dates don’t work for you? Let us know as the band is planning another tour.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with inspiring musicians who are bringing people together and breaking barriers.

Cost of performance:

$2,500 per performance plus sound.
Cost covers travel and salaries of musicians with disabilities; no profit over that is being made.
The concert can be adapted to different time frames and location settings.


The Shalva Band Tour is a Shalva project in collaboration with Israel Connection
Contact Elisha Porat about hosting the Shalva Band in your community or school: +1-718-535-7646 or [email protected].