Supporting the Israel’s International Bible-Revival Race

Amateur and professional runners from all over Israel and around the world are training hard for the Bible-Revival Race that would take place in the Mateh Yehudah Region from 11-17 September 2017.
Israel Connection is proud to be involved in the Bible-Revival Relay & Ultra Race taking place in Israel from 11-17 September. We are providing runners from overseas with a full package covering accommodation and transportation while in Israel. This travel package also includes breakfast, dinner, race day meals and race support, with a supplementary program of tours to interesting sites around Israel.

The Bible-Revival Relay and Ultra Race, first run in 2013, span over 200 km, passing through breath-taking landscapes in the Judean Hills, where heroes have left their mark in Biblical and modern times. The race brings participants to the site of historical events to run in the footsteps of Joshua, Samson, David and Goliath, and following the Burma Road to Latrun and the route of the convoys that saved Jerusalem during Israel’s War of Independence.

The Bible-Revival Race was inspired by the Hood to Coast and Mountain to Valley relay races, reflecting a love for running, challenges, nature, heritage and community. It is one of a series of international Hood to Coast races around the world, bringing runners from all over the world to explore Israel’s unique scenery. The race routes will bring runners to a beautiful part of the country, visiting many carefully selected sites including hills and valleys, cliffs and springs, running along expansive fields and on a plateau that overlooks the entire length of the Mediterranean coastal plain.
The Bible-Revival Relay Race will include 24 sections of 6-12 kilometers, with teams of 4, 6, or 8 relay runners covering the distance. The relay race involves twenty-four exchange points, giving the runners opportunities to visit fascinating local sites such as wineries, river crossings and villages.

The Bible-Revival Village will be set up and open throughout the event, serving as the start and finish point each day and offering participants food, drinks, great music and a place to rest. Residents of Judean communities along the route will play a role in encouraging the runners and hosting the relay exchanges.
The Ultra Race is recognized by the UTMB and offers options for 30, 50, 70, 100 and 200 kilometer routes, enabling serious runners to accumulate ITRA points. Runners are expected to complete the 200k route in 30 hours over 2 days.
The Kings of the Hill competition is a competition among teams  running three legs of the relay race that involve some steep climbs: Leg 5 (between Mesilat Zion and Beit Meir along the Burma Road), Leg 8 (between the Rivers Junction and Kobi Spring) and Leg 21 (between Tzora and Kfar Uria, the “Statues Route”). Teams that sign up for the King of the Hill competition are clocked between the time that their runners start and finish each particular leg. The teams that run the three legs in the shortest amount of time are the winners. Runners who would like to participate can find more
information on the Race website at:

Israel Connection is proud to be involved in this exciting event. For more details, contact:
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